Re: RE: TV Turn-Off

leonard zapala (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 05:40:02 -0800 (PST)

As ALA staff I am rather constrained in expression of opinion.
As a personal ALA and VRT member, I am heartened by your fervent
responses and proud of you all.

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> Francis Poole, Associate Librarian
> University of Delaware Library
> It amazes me that the President of ALA would support the
> boycotting of the world's most powerful communications medium.
Librarians, of
> all people, should support freeaccess to information in all its
forms, whether
> that be for entertainment,education or enrichment. Instead we are
asked to
> slip back into the tiresome and fruitless attitude of those who
claim one
> medium to be superior to another instead of considering video and
print as
> complementary. ALA was suckered into a transparently absurd
proposal which
> should have been decried rather than given tacit approval.
> What Internet-Free week? A Comic book-Free week?
> As a parent who tries to monitor what my children watch, I know
there are a
> multitude of worthwhile programs available on cable. The Discovery
> A&E, Learning Channel, History Channel, C-Span, SCOLA, etc...
> The ALA President should review the role of all Librarians in
providing access
> to information in whatever form instead of engaging in dumb PR
stunts that are
> divisive and ultimately frivolous.
> How about addressing the Y2K problem or the coming fusion of digital
> technology(video/computers).
> Hey, I'm going to watch the Comedy Channel tonight. Screw ALA.

Why doesn't ALA deal with the "corporate welfare" issue of HDTV which makes all our equipment and video collections useless in just a few years. Talk about a budget buster!

Lenny Zapala