RE: TV Turn-Off

M. Dew (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 14:30:22 -0800 (PST)

(that's Texan for "you go girl!")
-m. dew

> Francis Poole, Associate Librarian
> University of Delaware Library
> It amazes me that the President of ALA would support the indiscriminate
> boycotting of the world's most powerful communications medium. Librarians, of
> all people, should support freeaccess to information in all its forms, whether
> that be for entertainment,education or enrichment. Instead we are asked to
> slip back into the tiresome and fruitless attitude of those who claim one
> medium to be superior to another instead of considering video and print as
> complementary. ALA was suckered into a transparently absurd proposal which
> should have been decried rather than given tacit approval.
> What Internet-Free week? A Comic book-Free week?
> As a parent who tries to monitor what my children watch, I know there are a
> multitude of worthwhile programs available on cable. The Discovery Channel,
> A&E, Learning Channel, History Channel, C-Span, SCOLA, etc...
> The ALA President should review the role of all Librarians in providing access
> to information in whatever form instead of engaging in dumb PR stunts that are
> divisive and ultimately frivolous.
> How about addressing the Y2K problem or the coming fusion of digital
> technology(video/computers).
> Hey, I'm going to watch the Comedy Channel tonight. Screw ALA.