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Rhonda Rosen (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:58:16 -0800

Personally, I am all for turning off the TV, but not because parents are too
irresponsible to guide their children towards good programming (whether it
be on broadcast or cable) but rather to turn off the TV to open them up to
other avenues such as books, conversation, creativity, etc.

Maybe there should be a "Turn off your PC Week" also.....

rhonda rosen

0800, you wrote:
>Video discrimination is a bummer, but you know, I had a conversation just
>today about cable television in which amazement was expressed over my
>non-cable status. How could I be so disconnected?
>I explained cable television viewing this way: there is much good on cable
>channels, much of which should not be disparaged. The question is really
>about leisure time. If you opt to subscribe to cable you choose to watch
>television. So the question is, do you wish to watch more television?
>If you do then cable is for you. If there are children in your home the
issue can
>be very acute. If some folks are extending video viewing to no TV for a
week, then we should not be surprised.
>I think the habit of television viewing is behind the "turn off your TV"
>This seems worthy to me, because it is about choice. We can always ignore
>the message.

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