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Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:36:34 -0800

Leslie -
i , too, have been toting around 1/2 dozen or so videos given to me by a
journalist friend who received video copies of those sort and wanted to
donate them to our university library. i agree with Randy that these really
should not go into the collection...but, boy is it tempting!

rhonda rosen

At 11:08 AM 1/21/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Leslie,
>Speaking from two different perspectives (former head of AV services in a
>public library and as a person who works closely with publicity arms of film
>studios), I would say not to put the titles in the collection. Most
>"screeners" as they are called specifically state anyone who has rented or
>purchased the title should call the MPAA (Oscar screeners may be
>different--I'm not sent those). Although it doesn't specifically say "loan"
>or "circulate", I suspect the intent of the studios is the same (they just
>wouldn't have envisioned video retailers freely loaning out feature video).
>In addition, screeners are sent out 2 or months prior to street date; in
>addition to--I think--being illegal to put those titles into circulation, it
>would also be unfair (and, if any retailer were to see them on the shelf,
>troublesome for the library). I know it seems silly to let good materials
>(I'm not counting movies by the Farrelly brothers) go to waste, but
>"screeners" and "not for sale" items were never intended to be for public
>use. It's the same thing as uncorrected galley proofs of books--libraries do
>not ordinarily catalog and circulate review copies of forthcoming books. Of
>course, you're in L.A., which operates under rules somewhat different from
>anywhere else in the known universe :)
>Randy Pitman
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>>We receive quite a few donations of videos that have been given to
>>Motion Picture Academy members to preview while voting for the
>>Academy Awards. They often have some indication of that printed on
>>the video itself (such as "For your consideration" or similar) and
>>sometimes include some extra footage about the preview. Does anyone
>>know of anything prohibiting these videos from being included in a library
>>collection? Similarly, how do people treat "promotional" CDs which have
>>a "not for sale" printed on them? I would appreciate any feedback -
>>Thanks -
>>Leslie Andersen
>>Non-Print Materials Evaluator
>>County of Los Angeles Public Library

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