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I think the movie you are asking about might be "Tim". Starring a very
young Mel Gibson and Piper Laurie (1979). Mel plays a young adult who
is slightly mentally handicapped and Piper Laurie plays the older women
who falls in love with him. Supporting performances by an Australian
cast. I have seen this film--it's excellent in my opinion and it got 5
1/2 stars in the Video Movie Guide 1999. It shouldn't be hard to find a
copy to purchase.


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>Julie Haferd wrote:
>> A patron is looking for a video on the relationship between a
>> middle-aged woman and a much younger man or teenage boy. Does such
>> video exist?
>Could it be Summer of 42. Great movie from my teen years. Jemnifer
>O'Neill was in it. Beautiful soundtrack by LeGrande I think. I don't
>know if its on video or not.

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