Digital (streame) video

Gary Handman (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 14:05:48 -0800 (PST)

Hi all.

A number of months back, I floated a notice to the list re UCB MRC's
digital speech project...we're continuing to plug along, putting up
streamed audio speeches and lectures given by big cultural guns at UCB.
Recently, we've recompressed many of these files to allow low-end users
(with 28.8 or better modems) to get this stuff. Check out our new
additions at:

Even cooler (I think): we've recently been toying with putting up MPEG
video clips (for StreamWorks player). Les Blank of Flower Films has
consented to be our first guinea pig...
The clips are all indexed at and links are also included
in particular MRC videographies (e.g. The entry for Always for Pleasure
in our MUSIC videography (
includes links to clips--a sort of preview feature for those browsing the
collection online).

We've tried to offer two access options: a scrunchy, tinny image for
narrow-banders, and a 360 x 240 version for broad-banders (which looks
purty darn swell, if you can get it at all).

I'd love for all of you to visit and let me know what you think. I'd also
be very interested in talking to content owners about possible similar


Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
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"You are looking into the mind of home video. It is innocent, it is aimless,
it is determined, it is real" --Don DeLillo, Underworld