Re: Query: Average cost of academic videos?

Randy Pitman (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 09:00:56 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mike,

I would have to disagree on several counts: I'm not sure, first of all, that
there are very many videos out there which are the "equivalent" of
textbooks, either by happpenstance or design. For the academic market, in
particular, how many independent filmmakers make a documentary thinking they
are creating "core curriculum" material? I'm also not convinced that
educational materials are--ipso facto--priced higher. Schlessinger Media
produces excellent curriculum materials for $29.95-$39.95 per half-hour.
Many Sunburst Communications titles--all curriculum based--are priced at
$49.95. Chip Taylor Communications has recently lowered prices from
$19.95-$39.95 on home video titles (which, of course, can be used in a
face-to-face classroom teaching situation.) Too, I think we tend to use the
word "curriculum" as some kind of talisman--I've seen plenty of so-called
curricular videos that stink on ice, regardless of whether they meet
curricular objectives. In 15 years or reviewing, I've come to the conclusion
that price and quality are absolutely unrelated.

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>Dear Barbara,
>Generally speaking, there is an enormous difference among videos sold as
>...educatonal videos that are core curricular, the primary and sole market
for >which are schools and colleges -the equivalent of textbooks - are on
the high side >- up to $395. Again, as in the book analogy, a trade book
sells for some $20 >odd, while the texbook for $80 odd.
>Mike Solin, President
>Benchmark Media (a producer of curricular videos)