Re: Query: Average cost of academic videos?
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 08:19:32 -0800 (PST)

Dear Barbara,
Generally speaking, there is an enormous difference among videos sold as
"educational". Firstly, those made for the general public for public
television broadcast, such as PBS, National Geographic, and myriad other
"educational" documentaries from here and abroad, are educational in the sense
that a non-fiction trade book can be educational, but they are not textbooks.
Because the income from video sales after broadcast is second-market, the
prices can be and are on the low end, $29 to $49. Some are excellent, but very
few have the brevity and content to cover the curriculum objectives in a 45
minute daily classroom lesson plan. Secondly, educatonal videos that are core
curricular, the primary and sole market for which are schools and colleges -
the equivalent of textbooks - are on the high side - up to $395. Again, as in
the book analogy, a trade book sells for some $20 odd , while the texbook for
$80 odd. From there on, whether textbooks or curricular videos, the buyer has
to evaluate how well the medium does the job.
Mike Solin, President
Benchmark Media (a producer of curricular videos)