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>To Video Round Table members:
>thanks to everyone who helped out with my recent query about videos re
>customer service in libraries. I've had several requests to post the
>results to the list so here they are:
>Several people pointed me to Library Video Network, which is related to
>ALA and makes library-oriented videos: www.lvn.org
>One person thought she had seen a video "from ALA" (see the web site for
>the relationship) and that it was okay but not great - but she did not
>remember the title.
>Another person referred me to a generic customer service video called "If
>Looks Could Kill" which she described as 'Monty Python' style humor.
>A search in the MAGS (Academic Index by Information Access) database
>turned up two reviews in LJ of videos: one review of "Customer Service:
>more than a smile" which is from LVN (1/92 issue of Library Journal) and
>another review of "Customer Service: the library challenge" (LJ 8/95).
>An RLIn search on the latter title turns up a record which indicates this
>is produced by Denver Public Library and the Neal-Schuman publisher.
>There are of course various printed sources on library customer service,
>including a SPEC kit and a few other things from ALA (let me know
>individually if you want to see a message someone sent me on this topic).
>This is as far as I've gotten. any further info is appreciated.
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