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You may be thinking about the infamous "duck and cover" ditty turned out by
the Dept. of Defense.
That and other such stuff is included in Atomic Cafe, which you can
purchase from most video dealers. Duck and Cover is also included in:

Atomic T.V.
Contents: Duck and cover (10 min,
1950); Survival under atomic attack
(9 min., 1952); The Future is now (14
min., 195-?); Five promotions for
science fiction films which involve
nuclear energy (11 min., 195-?); A
Captain Midnight promotion featuring
the ballplayer, Duke Snider (2
min., 195-?); Captain Midnight:
Atomic proving grounds (14 min., 195-?).

The above scoreable from Ingram, B&T, Movies Unlimited, et al.

Also available thru these sources is

Atomic Scare Films. Volume 1
Contents: Survival under atomic
attack / U.S. Federal Civil Defense
Administration (b&w, 1951, 9 min.);
Duck and cover (b&w, 195-?, 10
min.); American cities atomic fallout
strategy / U.S. Office of Civil and
Defense Mobilization (color, 195-?,
27 min.); The Atom strikes / U.S.
Army Pictorial Service (b&w, 195-?,
30 min.); You can beat the A-Bomb
(b&w, 1950, 20 min.); Two Civil
defense commercials / U.S. National
Guard (b&w, 3 min.); Radioactive
fallout and shelter (color, 20 min.).

>Hello All,
>Looking for a short film (PSA?) done by the US Gov't in the
>50's instructing "boys and girls" as to how they can
>protect themselves following a nuclear blast.
>Does anyone know a source for this classic?
>Colleen Murphy
>Bentley College

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