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In an old James Brown, AV Instruction, from my college days, I found the
Storing and handling disk recordings
Store large quantities of recordings according to size...
Use heavy envelopes for single records
Place an identifying number of both sides of the top corner of envelope to
facilitate location
Store records in a vertical position, rather than one on top of the other.
Do not allow them to lean or sag, or they will warp. If necessary use
pieces of corrugated card oard to compact a record file which does not
completely fill a storage compartment.
Avoid extremes of hot or cold. Do not store records near radiators or heat
Handle records by edges or centers, avoiding finger marks which will
collect dust ad affect playing quality
Remove dust with a soft cloth which has been dipped in cold water and wrung
as dry as possible. Wipe the record surface gently in the direction of the
grooving. Never use alcohol, naphtha, or other house hold cleaning fluids.
Such checicals may dissolve some othe the plastic.

Mostly common sense, I suppose, but I sure did use Brown's books early in
my career.
Good luck
Frank Landrum
Lane ESD, Eugene, Oregon.
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>Dear list experts,
>I've been asked the following question, can anyone assist?
>Thanks in advance, Patti
>>Do you have literature on the storing of phonograph records? Most of the
>>references I have are about books and not non-book type media. I am trying
>>to find out if it is ok to keep them in the paper sleeves that are in some
>>albums we have for Special Collections.
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