Re: Sembene video

Eileen Karsten (
Tue, 03 Nov 1998 07:40:18

Dear CW,

I am getting very confused here. If a video does not have a US
distributor, you are not suppose to own it or show it. We are a small
school, but we have faculty members going all over the world. Also, we
have at least three foreign faculty members visit us a year. So, we have
faculty members bringing back videos from foreign countries frequently.
The visiting faculty bring videos from their home countries to use in
classes they teach at our college.

I admit, if possible, we prefer to own the film then rent it. Faculty can
be very inconsiderate with giving us lead time for rentals. Frequently, we
can not get films when faculty members what to show them. Also, for some
titles, if we show it twice, the rental price would equal the purchase price.

So, back to my question, can you obtain foreign films from other countries
to show in the U.S. for educational purposes?


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