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Mon, 2 Nov 1998 18:16:18 -0500

I think the PAL issue has distracted from the larger issue of "bootlegs" &
personal copies but a few last words anyway. As I wrote before, I am
somewhat sensitive about PAL since Kino specializes in foreign films which
often take from 6 months to several years to bring over. Due to this lag
time, they may be available in PAL from the UK but I would take great
exception to them being sold in the US. Realistically however only a small
fraction of these films actually have US rights holders. I know that some
of the more popular PAL titles ( THROUGH THE OLIVE TREES, THE DECALOGUE,
The Century of Cinema (BFI Series) do have clear and Legal US rights
holders, however these rights holders are in my humble opinion are stupid &
evil (Miramax and a crazy women in Canada) so I really do not care if they
get ripped off. I realize this is a terrible statement from someone who has
urged you all to respect copyright but I just hate these guys and they are
NEVER going to make these films available in ANY FORMAT.
My main concern with PAL is that under no circumstances can you legally
transfer it to NTSC and given the pressures media people are under and the
admission that things like this are common, I do worry that this will be
respected. I remember people complaining about the trouble of having the
prof use a machine in class, let alone a multi-system player. In any event
the PAL issue is basically one to be debated among rights holders, so long
as the media people keep the tape on PAL

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