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Milos Stehlik (
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 21:12:40 -0600

Gary --

The copy that you bought is a perfectly legal British PAL copy released in England, if memory serves
by Connoisseur Video/the British Film Institute. It is true that New Yorker Films has released Xala
in both
35 and 16mm; I personally don't know whether they have U.S. video rights. In the past, New Yorker
always claimed that Sembene doesn't want his work on video; this is obviously not the case since at
Xala and some of his short films (Borom Sarret) are available on video in England. We would
not import any video which has a U.S. video release.


Milos Stehlik

Gary Handman wrote:

> We bought our copy (in PAL) from FACETS...hard to believe Milos would carry
> the illegal...
> out there???
> Gary Handman
> >Well folks this is VERY TOUCHY issue. I assume the copy of Xala you bought
> >was a British PAL copy. The problem is that the film has totally legal US
> >distributor, NEW YORKER FILMS and they for a number of reasons have never
> >released it on video. It is AVAILABLE on film. I believe that a video of a
> >title legally owned by a US company that HAS NOT released it, is an illegal
> >copy because it violates the rights of the company owning the film. I
> >imagine that some people feel otherwise
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