Sembene video

Marilyn Huntley (
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 09:51:50 -0500

Jessica Rosner wrote something yesterday that touched on a subject we've
seen on videolib before. Her message reminded me that I have a piece of good
news I wanted to share with you.

On 10/28/98, Jessica said: "A number of very important films are not on
video, especially foreign films which tend to have very involved rights
problems......all films by Ousmane Sembene are not on video." And way back
on 1/16/98 Gary Handman said: "Sembene's Xala and Black Girl have never
been released on video--in fact NO Sembene seems to have been released on
video in the US...very frustrating!"

The surprise, to me at least, is that our library just bought a video of
"Xala." I couldn't believe it when a professor told me 2 months ago that he
had asked the library to buy the video and it had been on order since July.
I was very skeptical & even called the head of acquisitions to ask if she
really believed the video exists. Now I'm convinced. Although I haven't
seen it with my own eyes, I've been assured that there is actually a video
of Sembene's "Xala" in our cataloging room. It came from Facets.

I hope this news is helpful to someone.
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