Personal copies of videos on reserve

Philip Fryer (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 09:17:39 -0500

This conversation should draw to a close soon, I think. We have had it
before (check the archives) and civility is on the wain. Distributors have the
right to stay in business. Media librarians have the right to share resources.
Grandstanding and nitpicking do not become us. Distributors are our friends,
except when they limit access. Librarians are our comrades, except when they
harm sales. I am amazed that interlibrary loan of media is not the battle
ground. But that Pandora's box should stay closed.

But more than that - I am wondering why much of this discussion has not been
between contentious parties in private? When issues move from the general
to the particular - that is the time to make your arguments separate from the list.

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