Re: Personal copies of videos on reserve

Susan Albrecht (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:25:10 -0500 (EST)

Carolyn wrote:
> I charge higher prices to organizations than I do to individuals because
> that Kansas City woman with breast cancer whom I spoke with today really
> NEEDS my video on coping strategies, and since she has lost her
> insurance and is living on Social Security, she has no budget for video
> purchases. So I am willing to sell her a video that will improve her
> quality of life for $29.95. But if I charged that low price across the
> board, the independent producer in California who produced it (who also,
> by the way, has breast cancer) and I would both go broke in short order.
> If all the small distributors go broke (and many certainly have over the
> past five years) and can't supply videos or participate in listservs,
> who would the video librarians have to argue with?

It seems to me that this IS what Gary is saying--you DO have a right as a businessperson
to charge institutions a higher rate than you charge individuals. Just please be up front
about that, rather than saying it's because institutions NEED public performance rights.
Am I right?


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