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Wed, 28 Oct 1998 18:32:57 -0500

It is not likely to come out on video for about a year. That is the general
release of a small art film like this. The distributor is a VERY SMALL
They will most likely sub out video rights,but there is no chance that this
film will be available in the very near future. so my guess is 6 months to

By the way DESTINY is the perfect example of the "personal Use (aka
bootleg) we have been discussing. Like most foreign films, I have no doubt
it is available in bootleg form, it is very possibly available on PAL in
the UK. However this film has a perfectly legit US owner but the film will
eventually take about 2 years from when it was initially released to when
it is likely to be put out on US video. ( It showed at the 1997 NY film
Fest). There are A lot of impatient profs who would not want to wait those
two years for the ability to show this film and they will have little
trouble locating a bootleg if they know what they are doing. Just because
this film will take a good long time to be on video here DOES not give any
prof or institution to use a bootleg. In fact one of the reasons that very
few Arabic films, are available is that they are so widely bootlegged,
distributors have little incentive to bring out good legal copies.

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