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Rick Faaberg (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 15:05:22 +0000

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998 12:13:48 -0800 (PST) (Gary Handman) wrote:

>There are fairly few librarians or educators who "do" film and
>video as a
>regular part of their jobs, although they may be occasional
>video buyers
>and users.

>these folks are often completely at sea about a)
>the workings of the video distribution marketplace b) the means
of locating
>materials c) copyright and other intellectual property issues
attached to

Running a large, regional video library for K-12 circulation is
at least 50% of my current job. Having been out of the biz for
awhile, I now find that I'm the sales target of a whole 'nother
world of video distributors than was my experience before (with
the likes of Disney, the Churchill, Stanton, Barr, etc.). These
new-to-me folks are doing exactly what's being argued about here
- namely trying to sell me "home-use" videos for 1/5 (or less)
the price that I was used to paying previously and indicating to
me that copyright law allows this.

Yup, I'm completely "at sea" on this. I don't see how new,
quality, curriculum-related, and instructionally-valid materials
are going to be continued to be produced at $30 per resale "pop"
- unless the target market is shifting from the regional K-12
media centers to every single K-12 institution in the world.

I think this is possibly short-sighted as no local district that
I know of has the need or the dollars to duplicate my regional
collection of 15,000 educational titles.

In many ways, it seems that I'm currently looking at two
different "film industries" these days.

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