Re: Personal copies of videos on reserve

Sally Wellman (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 03:51:51 -0600

I am in a bit of a different situation being in a state library rather than
in a public or an academic library. We are able to spend big bucks on
videos because we have a good budget. We always pay for public performance
rights, if available, because we lend our programs to public libraries and
to other state agenices for programming. However, we purchase "home use"
titles as well. We are diligent in stipulating in our catalog the type of
rights associated with each title, but we do not question our users as to
why how they are going to use a particular title. We believe that it is up
to the user to make an informed decision on how to use a program. We spell
it out clearly how the programs can and cannot be used.

We do not purchase anything that cannot be circulated. In fact, we have
returned many titles because of this. We also do not house any "off-air"
or illegal copies. When I took over this job, I dicovered a number of
"off-air" tapings in our archival collection of Louisiana materials.
Because we did not have rights to most of these programs, they were
destroyed. (In many cases, we did have permission from the various local
stations to tape and to retain their locally produced programming.)

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