Re: Personal copies of videos on reserve

Carolyn Baxley (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 15:27:03 -0600

Hummm...yes, I see that you do. Your tone continues to imply that
distributors, even ones you don't know, are the enemy and out to bilk
all the video librarians in the country as you continue to lecture about
your "rights." I was an educator for seven years in the University of
Illinois Dept. of English, so you can come down off your soapbox.

I charge higher prices to organizations than I do to individuals because
that Kansas City woman with breast cancer whom I spoke with today really
NEEDS my video on coping strategies, and since she has lost her
insurance and is living on Social Security, she has no budget for video
purchases. So I am willing to sell her a video that will improve her
quality of life for $29.95. But if I charged that low price across the
board, the independent producer in California who produced it (who also,
by the way, has breast cancer) and I would both go broke in short order.
If all the small distributors go broke (and many certainly have over the
past five years) and can't supply videos or participate in listservs,
who would the video librarians have to argue with?


Gary Handman wrote:

> Sorry if you took exception to the tone Carolyn. I have a genetic
> propensity to snideness, I fear.