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Stan Gilliam (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:06:35 -0800 (PST)

Hurrah, Jessica!

At 11:28 AM 10/28/98 -0800, you wrote:
> I have always considered myself liberal in my views on video ( at least
>for a distributor) but I still feel a bootleg is a bootleg. There are alot
>of reasons a film may not be available on video. I am basically only
>familiar with feature films so I can not say how the following applies to
>educational material. I seems just wrong to rip off a film maker or
>producer because for whatever reason the film is not on video. A number of
>very important films are not on video, especially foreign films which tend
>to have very involved rights problems. Visconti's THE LEOPARD, Herzog's
>NOSFERATU, all films by Ousmane Sembene are not on video. This does not
>justify buying a bootleg copy. There are also thousands of hollywood studio
>pictures not on video. Is it ok for the prof. to take them off AMC and use
>them as long as he wants?.I am not stupid. I know profs do this all the
>time and do not give a rats ass about copyright. I know media people can
>not police everything, but I really feel that putting a bootleg of feature
>film or any film on reserve basically supports the ripping off of
>copyrighted material. Sometimes the teacher just can not get everything he
>or she wants. It maybe that the title is only available on film though it
>more likely it just NOT AVAILABLE at all. A bootleg film is exactly like a
>xerox of a book. It just plain illegal and more importantly wrong.
> On the Gary Vs Baxley debate, I sympathize with both sides. From my
>limited understanding of the educational video world, I think Gary may be
>directing anger at the wrong place. There are companies with two and three
>tiered pricing who try to have their cake and eat it too, by charging a
>lot of different prices and I know this pisses Gary off. I do not blame
>him. However it did not seem to me from what I read, that Baxley falls into
>that catagory. What really sucks are titles which are available to
>inviduals AND Retail stores but for which companies still claim
>institutions still have to pay some huge price for often uneeded PPV
>rights. I think distributors that produce small educational films which
>have basically little or no market beyond institutions, may just be trying
>to be fair if an eager person wants a copy. However once a distributor
>makes a title availabe to the wider market, the cats out of the bag and
>they can not legally require a library to pay more than a store or
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