Re: Aboriginal art
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 10:05:37 EST

Dear Carole,

We have one aboriginal art documentary from the filmmaker Philip Haas (he
directed Angels and Insects as well as The Music of Chance):

"The Giant Woman and the Lightning Man" (1989, Color, 60 minutes, music by
David Byrne). The first half is about the large ground paintings (and the
rituals involved including body painting) done in the desert and the second
half is about two brothers who do bark paintings on the Northern coast. The
price on VHS is $89.95 plus shipping.

HOWEVER. This was part of Philip's "Magicians of the Earth" series that he did
with third world artists from around the world. If you have laserdisc
capabilities, the whole four film set can be purchased for $89.95 total from
us. They're all very wonderful, especially "Seni's Children" done in Senegal.

If you'd like more information, just get back to me at the address below.

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