Fwd: The Color of Fear Settlement

Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 12:17:35 -0700

Interesting and strange...

>>>Official statements from the cast and from film director Lee Mun Wah below
>>>Please ASAP through all appropriate networks. This notice should be
>>>considered an official confirmation that "PEACE" has been declared, that an
>>>accord between the disputing parties has been reached, and that no further
>>>actions against StirFry Seminars & Consulting or against Lee Mun Wah are
>>>being called for or supported on behalf of COLOR OF FEAR cast members.
>>>For periodic news updates or other information check out our web site at:
>>>www.color-of-fear.org, or, email us at: BEYOND THE COLOR OF FEAR.
>>>Thank you for your support.
>>>David Christiansen, Victor Lewis, Yutaka Matsumoto, Loren Moye and Hugh
>>>Regarding the Resolution of all Conflicts with THE COLOR OF FEAR cast
>>>members and producer Lee Mun Wah and Stir Fry Seminars & Consulting:
>>>We are pleased to announce that resolution of all outstanding disputes
>>>between us, Lee Mun and StirFry Seminars & Consulting has been achieved.
>>>On October 1, 1998, Mr. Lee signed an agreement that meets the mutual
>>>satisfaction of all parties, thus we are calling for an end to the public
>>>campaign against Lee Mun Wah and his company, Stir Fry Seminars &
>>>Consulting, including the previously endorsed boycott against the same.
>>>This agreement was reached through much hard work, struggle, negotiation,
>>>and active community involvement. Mr. Lee approached our final negotiation
>>>session in a spirit of openness, fairness, and humility. We believe that
>>>he sought the current accord with sincerity, he is ready and willing to
>>>begin a new course to recovery and rebuilding of relationships. We believe
>>>that he has struggled hard within himself to find a way to meet our call
>>>for fair recognition and acknowledgement of the enormous amount of time,
>>>effort, care and sacrifice cast members gave in contribution to THE COLOR
>>>OF FEAR, and he has succeeded.
>>>As cast members, we decided to hold out for a resolution that would benefit
>>>everyone, including Lee Mun Wah and his company. The power of grace that
>>>led to the success of THE COLOR OF FEAR and made it such a power for racial
>>>healing has once again taught us, disciplined us, and helped us find our
>>>way to common ground, this time around issues related to class.
>>>In the settlement agreement we agree to an end to the boycott and to
>>>communicate our resolution to the public and provide other general
>>>communication of the current resolution. Lee Mun Wah has agreed to license
>>>cast members broad royalty-free, non-cancellable rights to use all COLOR OF
>>>FEAR-related videos and materials, and similar rights to use the raw
>>>footage from original THE COLOR OF FEAR recording sessions in the creation
>>>of future projects. He has also agreed to a $100,000 cash settlement to be
>>>divided amongst the settling cast members.
>>>We are simultaneously gratified, relieved, proud and humbled that a
>>>creative, win-win solution was achieved -- and we are hopeful for a new
>>>beginning. Your support, prayers, and well-wishes that helped us reach
>>>this settlement are much appreciated, and will continue to be helpful in
>>>our recovery. Your active support of the boycott was a tremendous help in
>>>creating the conditions that opened the way for earnest negotiations. Now,
>>>the most powerful way you can support us is to spread the word that we have
>>>successfully resolved our dispute with same energy that was used to help us
>>>draw attention to the conflicts.
>>>You have helped turn our night into day. From deep within our hearts, we
>>>thank you.
>>>An Open Letter to the Community: October 6, 1998
>>>It is with gratitude and humbleness that I announce the resolution of the
>>>long-standing dispute between myself and the members of THE COLOR OF FEAR
>>>with whom I have been in conflict. I am very pleased to declare that we
>>>have once again begun to work together as colleagues and as brothers. These
>>>past years have been an enormous strain on us all, both physically and
>>>spiritually. I have made many mistakes in this matter that have been costly
>>>to myself and to my brothers. Through them, I have learned hard and
>>>important lessons about life and community. Where I can, I will mend what
>>>has been broken.
>>>I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the men who out of the deepest substance
>>>of their own lives gave life to THE COLOR OF FEAR and continue to be the
>>>source of its life today: Roberto Almanzan, David Christiansen, Gordon
>>>Clay, David Lee, Victor Lewis, Yutaka Matsumoto, Loren Moye' and Hugh
>>>Vasquez. Without the love and sacrifice of these men, the film would be
>>>nothing. Without their personal support, fund-raising, and their steady
>>>community-building efforts during that uncertain first year after the
>>>taping, this project might have never been able to reach and transform the
>>>lives of so many.
>>>All of the men in this film gave very generously, but, I am especially
>>>indebted to Hugh Vasquez and Victor Lewis. Through offering me the use of
>>>their time, their advice, their good names and connections in the
>>>community, they did more than any other cast members to help me raise the
>>>money to pay for this film, and to gather the crucially needed initial
>>>support that catapulted THE COLOR OF FEAR onto the national stage. I'd also
>>>like to
>>>recognize these men for their many years of devotion and service as
>>>teachers, trainers and diversity workers. They have been well-known and
>>>respected for their work in the Bay Area and around the country since the
>>>mid nineteen eighties, years before THE COLOR OF FEAR came to light. They
>>>are fine men and accomplished practitioners. I have been honored by their
>>>friendship and enlightened by their knowledge. I include their contact
>>>information below.
>>>Someone once said that we are all mirrors for each other. All of you have
>>>been a mirror for me. I believe that this entire experience has taught me,
>>>once again, that the trust and generosity that I have been given cannot be
>>>taken for granted. It needs to be honored and reciprocated with each person
>>>I meet in my work, in my business practices, and in my
>>>I hope that you will work with me, and with all of us, to fulfill the dream
>>>that was so eloquently expressed in THE COLOR OF FEAR - to establish a
>>>world where we can all live and flourish without fear or hindrance - a
>>>world where what we have is shared and who we are is honored. I pledge my
>>>life to building that world and I invite your continued support and
>>>challenge to help me fulfill this covenant.
>>>In friendship and community,
>>>Lee Mun Wah
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