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Jan O'Neill (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 09:28:50 -0400

Does anyone have any information on the current U.S. distributor for Polonius Productions? We are trying to purchase second copies of the Outline History of Europe ( Age of Revolution, The Greeks, The Middle Ages, The Romans, Myth of Nationalism, and, Towards a Modern Europe - copyrights are mid 1970s). International Film Bureau used to distribute this series until 6 months ago. They gave us an address and phone number in France. The phone number is out of order. I tried directory assistance in France - no answer. Can anyone help me make one of our more "beloved" professors happy by posting any and all clues as to where the college can purchase these titles?

Thanks for your help!

Jan O'Neill
Media Librarian
Tidewater Community Collage
Virginia Beach, VA 23456