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Forwarding this bit of tele-learning news...

>Hi Gary:
>I wonder if you might be interested in posting the following conference
>announcement on the Video News listserv. I thought that perhaps some of
>the librarians who subscribe might be interested in circulating information
>about the TeleLearning '98 conference hosted by the TeleLearning Network of
>Centres of Excellence (an organization linking over 130 researchers at 30
>Canadian universities with over 110 public and private sector partners
>across Canada. The TeleLearning NCE seeks to enhance the lifelong learning
>experience by researching, developing, and demonstrating new collaborative
>learning and knowledge building approaches implemented through
>The announcement is below. Please let me know if it will be possible to
>post it.
>Jill Webber Hrabinsky
>TeleLearning '98
>Join us for a dynamic showcase of the state-of-the-art in telelearning
>research and practice at TeleLearning '98, to be held at the Hotel
>Vancouver from November 14th to 17th.
>TeleLearning '98 will feature presentations from leading Canadian and
>international researchers and industry representatives, demonstrations of
>innovative educational technologies, and sessions exploring research
>advances and applications of telelearning in K-12, post-secondary and the
>workplace sectors. We have posted a dynamic conference program and online
>registration form at the TeleLearning '98 web site:
>http://www.telelearn.ca/conference Sessions are divided into three
>parallel tracks: Track 1: Research Advances, Track 2: Telelearning at Work
>and in Society, Track 3: Global Developments.
>TeleLearning'98 Session Highlights:
>Frank Jewett (California State University) will report on the results of a
>US Department of Education study based on 10 US case studies involving the
>use of new learning technologies in education. Tony Bates and Silvia
>Bartolic-Zlomislic (TL-NCE/UBC) will report on the results of several case
>studies analyzing the costs and benefits of telelearning in higher
>education. ("Cases in Cost-Benefit Analysis")
>Linda Harasim (TL-NCE) will present some of the key findings generated by
>the TL*NCE Theme 5 field trials of Virtual-U implementation in 15 sites
>across Canada - the largest field trial of online education in the world.
>Curtis Bonk will summarize more than a dozen research projects on computer
>conferencing and distance learning undertaken at the School of Education at
>Indiana University. Martin Siegal (Indiana University) will talk about what
>comes after the web...the new
>tools that will be required for the development of next generation,
>computer-imaginative digital learning environments. ( "Post-secondary :
>New Models of Learning, New Methods of Research")
>Terri Hedegaard-Bishop (Vice-President of the University of Phoenix Online)
>and Rory McGreal (Director of TeleEducationNB) will focus on the business
>case for telelearning--what works and why for adult students and what is so
>compelling about telelearning that will make it become one of the dominant
>education and training delivery vehicles ("What is the Business Case?")
>Scott Welsh (CEO of Softarc) and Gilles Seguin (Department of Foreign
>Affairs and International Trade) will discuss the international markets
>showing the greatest growth potential and provide advice on what it takes
>to be successful in competing internationally. ("International
>Opportunities in TeleLearning")
>Denis Newman (Director of IMS Market Development) will discuss the
>activities of the EDUCAUSE IMS initiative. IMS is building the internet
>architecture for learning and is promoting a set of interoperability
>standards based on that architecture. The technical standards address
>interoperability in labelling content, "packaging", management, learner
>profiles and other aspects of enterprise integration. Roy Pea (SRI
>International) will present the work of CILT, a national center funded by
>the National Science Foundation to address the issue of improving education
>by using new computing and communications technologies. CILT carries out
>programs in enabling tools for electronic learning communities,
>visualization and modeling, low-cost, ubiquitous computing, and technology
>and assessment models. ("What's Up Down South")
>Featured Speaker, the Honorable Brown Mpinganjira, Minister of Education,
>Malawi, will join Grant Thomas (Acacia Initiative, IDRC), and other
>panelists Generosa Cossa (WorLd/Acacia Schoolnet Project, Mozambique) and
>Susan D'Antoni (International Institute for Education Planning,
>UNESCO-Paris) in discussing the challenges facing communities in the
>developing world. The panel will work with the audience to understand how
>realistic programs to implement telelearning can be developed. ("Using
>Telelearning in Developing Countries")
>Michel Duguay (TL-NCE/Université Laval), Gary Boyd (TL-NCE/Concordia
>University), and Jacqueline Bourdeau (TL-NCE/UQAC) will report on their
>experiences with virtual labs and simulations and how learning scenarios
>can be designed to maximize the benefits of virtual labs and simulations.
>("The Design of Virtual Labs & Simulations")
>Jill Webber Hrabinsky, Communications Manager
>TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence
>Room 9701, ASB, 8888 University Drive
>Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6
>TEL: (604) 291-5399
>FAX: (604) 291-3439
>E-mail: jill@telelearn.ca
>WEB: http://www.telelearn.ca
>November 14-17/98, Hotel Vancouver
>Join us at TeleLearning '98 in Vancouver for a dynamic showcase of the
>state-of-the-art in telelearning.
>Our complete conference program is available at:

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