Fri, 16 Oct 98 13:24:00 -0400

Two questions (totally different):

1) I have a patron looking for a foreign film entitled "Otra Vuelta de
Tuerca" (circa 1985?). He would like purchasing or rental information.
I struck out on the reference sources available to me. Any help would
be appreciated!

2) Please let me know if you allow your patrons to return their
audiovisual items in your library's regular book return (rather than
having a separate return for audiovisual items.) If so, has there been
much damage caused by heavier items being dropped on top of them or just
normal 'wear & tear', such as jewell case lids from cd's coming off?
Any comments would be appreciated, please reply to me rather than to the
list - Thanks!!

Julie Spiegler
Kanawha County Public Library
123 Capitol Street
Charleston WV 25301