DVD vs. Laserdsic

David Kirk (dkirk@cats.ucsc.edu)
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 08:32:36 -0700

Hi group,
Another $.02 on the topic. Over the past six years, here at UCSC, we have
acquired over 1050 laserdiscs, mostly feature films and documentaries, and
mostly for our Film Studies Department. As of yet not one film studies
faculty has been clammoring for the DVD format. Perhaps when more
"classics" are released (Citizen Kane, etc.) will they be interested. They
"love" the instant access ability with laserdiscs for teaching purposes.
Only two faculty (non film studies) have expressed an interest in DVD and
this because of specific titles that have been released on DVD and have not
made their way to laserdisc or VHS in letterbox format.

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