farocki censorship

Milos Stehlik (milos@interaccess.com)
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 17:33:48 -0500

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for your letters and e-mails which have late this afternoon caused Allied Digital Technologies to
review their duplicating procedures, to decide that they did not want to be in the position of "censoring"
artist's work, and to duplicate Harun Farocki's LIFE IN THE GERMAN FEDERAL REPUBLIC without further objection.

We are tremendously heartened and appreciative of your support which made Allied change from their "final
decision" not to duplicate, of yesterday afternoon.

It was perhaps a small fight, but in our view, every small fight for freedom of expression and dissemination
is an important fight, and it was your individual and collective - often eloquent - voices which helped win it
-- this time.

Many, many thanks. It makes me personally proud to know you.

Milos Stehlik
Facets Video