Re: censorship of Farocki's film

Stan Nicotera (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 15:09:07 -0400

At 08:56 AM 9/24/98 -0700, Dennis L. Welker, Faculty Services Coordinator,
Brigham Young University - wrote:
>I think this is an interesting discussion. Can it really be considered
>censorship to refuse to duplicate a film that violates the company"s
>standards? This is to say that the company is simply there to do
>everything that you bid them to do. Considering it from the point of view
>of the lab, isn't it like saying they have no right to set their own
>standards? I think to simply argue that the material doesn't violate your
>standards does not obligate them.
>In a country where there is little moral conscience from the White house
down, I applaud them for maintaining their integrity.


At the risk of alienating a significant part of my market (academic and
public librarians) I second and admire Dennis's position. In light of the
debacle we all face, ala Clinton, I believe that now more than ever, it's
paramount that responsibility for guidance of our youth take precedence
over political (or monetary) preference. I have turned down serious money
since 1981 by not engaging in the distribution of pornography and will
continue to do so. That is not to say I want to stop it's sale. Rather it's
a refusal on my part to profit from it. That's my God given right and in
America, at least the America that I perceive, it's my prerogative to feel
that way without having to face the rebuke of anyone. To those of you that
think I or Dennis are being unreasonable I say - read the quote beneath my
signature. Thanks for listening and reading. Stan
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