Face to Face - Professor Jung

Brigid Duffy (bduffy@sfsu.edu)
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 08:55:49 -0700 (PDT)

A research/ethics/opinion question:

We have a 16mm print in our collection titled "Face to Face: Professor
Jung", an interview with Carl Jung in his home. It dates from about 1959,
and we probably got it through BBC TV. It was made by a Swiss production
company. Print quality has deteriorated over the past 39 years (!) and we
have been trying for some time to get a new copy. The questions are:

1) does anyone else have this title in their collection?

2) has anyone heard of any place to buy this on 16mm, vhs or any format?

3) if this is the only extant print of the film, and we have made a good
faith effort to find the copyright holder, can we make a vhs transfer to
keep it available for use by university faculty? Even in its current
chewed up state, they still like it.

Thanks for your input.

Brigid Duffy
Media Purchasing
Audio Visual/ITVCenter
San Francisco State University
E-mail: bduffy@sfsu.edu