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This isn't exactly the answer you were looking for, but in February I rented
a 16mm film of "Ceddo" from New Yorker Films. You might ask them if they
also have it as a video. Their film rentals are at 212-247-6110, and their
video division at 800-447-0196.

Marilyn Huntley

At 06:34 AM 9/18/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Thank you in advance to all.
>Help! A faculty member has requested three videos that I have been unable
>to locate. He thought they might be available from a Canadian Film Resource
>Centre in Vancouver but I don't have an address or phone number. He had no
>other information.
> Great Zimbabwe, or Ancient Kingdoms of Great Zimbabwe
> Ceddo
> Great Egyptian Pharaohs.
>Questions? Many of my orders for laser discs are not being filled because
>they are on back order or out of release. The number of laser discs we do
>not get increases daily. Has anyone else noticed this.?One vendor told me
>this week that laser discs are a "dying breed". Is that true? Are those
>who are making laser discs holding back on production to see what happens
>with DVD's? I have four names of out of print laser disc dealers but often
>they can't help. In addition it is time consuming to call all of them for
>each laser disc order. What is your impression about all of this? We have a
>lot of frustrated faculty and they think I'm not doing my job.
>Redundancy. I'm glad other people spoke up. I also get two copies of each
>Greta Davey
>Coordinator of Monographic and Video Orders
>Vassar College Libraries
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