Help!Questions?and redundancy
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 09:33:55 -0400

Thank you in advance to all.

Help! A faculty member has requested three videos that I have been unable
to locate. He thought they might be available from a Canadian Film Resource
Centre in Vancouver but I don't have an address or phone number. He had no
other information.
Great Zimbabwe, or Ancient Kingdoms of Great Zimbabwe
Great Egyptian Pharaohs.

Questions? Many of my orders for laser discs are not being filled because
they are on back order or out of release. The number of laser discs we do
not get increases daily. Has anyone else noticed this.?One vendor told me
this week that laser discs are a "dying breed". Is that true? Are those
who are making laser discs holding back on production to see what happens
with DVD's? I have four names of out of print laser disc dealers but often
they can't help. In addition it is time consuming to call all of them for
each laser disc order. What is your impression about all of this? We have a
lot of frustrated faculty and they think I'm not doing my job.

Redundancy. I'm glad other people spoke up. I also get two copies of each


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