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Wed, 16 Sep 98 8:01:49 PDT

> Would anybody know a source for a video called The Secret of the Lost
> Tribes. It appeared initially on the Discovery Channel but the Discovery
> Channel people say they are not aware of a distributor who handles school
> purchasing?
> Is any video distributor offering sales of this product to schools or
> individuals in the U.S.?
> Please post your replies to the list.
> Dave Ofiara
> Media Services Librarian
> Adirondack Community College
> Queensbury, New York
> ""

I don't know whether this is the video you are looking for. We purchased a
copy from Films for the Humanities (# 4004):

The Lost tribe (60 min.) Written and produced by Bettina Lerner.
Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1993. Originally
produced by BBC-TV in 1989.
This program examines the controversial study of the tiny Tasaday tribe
discovered in the remote Philippine rain forest in 1971. Initially hailed
as the anthropological find of the century, many reputable anthropologists
have declared it a hoax, a plot of the regime of Ferdinand Marcos and his
Minister for Tribal Affairs. Arguments are presented on both sides of this
intriguing issue.

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