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Milos Stehlik (
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 13:18:40 -0500

Ann -

The closest suggestion is to show the very powerful African adaptation of the same play ("The Visit")
by Swiss playwright Friedrich Durrenmatt. The title of this film, which is readily available on video
and I assume in film form, is HYENES, and was directed by Djibril Diop Mambety. It is, imho,
superior to the rather tired performance Ingrid Bergman gives in the multi-national production of
"The Visit."


Milos Stehlik
Facets Vide

Ann Fuller wrote:

> Does anyone know whether a 1964 film titled "The Visit" starring Ingrid
> Bergman and Anthony Quinn is available? It was directed by Bernhard Wicki
> and is also known as Der Besuch (German); La Rancune (French); La Vendetta
> della signora (Italy)? I found no record in Worldcat and Facets has no
> record of it...
> Thanks for any info,
> Ann
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