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<< The above video is not available anymore. Our Acquisitions Department
contacted L&K International Videotraining as well as International Telefilm.
No one could locate a copy. Should it turn up somewhere for purchase, we are
still interested. >>


Vide-O-Go / That's Infotainment! distributes the following title for your

"Powerful Presentation Skills"
How To Get A Group's Attention, Hold People's Interest And Persuade Them To

Gain skills to increase your visibility... boost your confidence and poise...
and get people behind you. You'll learn how to practice your presentations,
control nervousness and put an audience in the palm of your hand.

3 volume video set and workbook... MSRP: $199.95
Videolib subscribers receive a 15% discount off the MSRP.

Also available: Video facilitator's guide (201 pages plus workbook)... MSRP:

Wishing you continued success...

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