Re: Rental source? "Romero" & "Man Facing Southeast"

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For what it's worth (if you're desperate enough), here's the US copyright
information (direct from the Copyright Office) - maybe one of the names
will turn up in an Argentine phonebook or on the internet):

PA-343-303 (COHM) ITEM 1 OF 2 IN SET 3
TITL: Man facing southeast = Hombre mirando al sudeste / un film [sic] de
Eliseo Subiela ; una produccion Cinequanon ; jefe de produccion, Hugo
E. Lauria ; libro y direccion Eliseo Subiela.
IMPR: [Dallas] : A FilmDallas Pictures release, c1986.
PHYS: 6 film reels (105 min.) : sd., col. ; 35 mm.
CAST: Lorenzo Quinteros, Hugo Soto, Ines Vernengo et al.
CRED: Director of photography: Ricardo DeAngelis; editor: Luis Cesar
CLNA: acCinequanon
DCRE: 1987 DPUB: 13Mar87 DREG: 6Jan87
INND: notice: 1986
APAU: Cinequanon, employer for hire.
PREV: Spanish language version prev. pub.
LINM: NM: "English language subtitles version."
MISC: C.O. corres.

PAu-2-193-787 (COHM) ITEM 2 OF 2 IN SET 2
TITL: Man facing southeast.
EDST: Rev. draft, May 20, 1992.
PHYS: 110 p.
NOTE: Screenplay.
CLNA: acJason Laskay , 1943-
DCRE: 1991 DREG: 27May97
PREV: Appl. identifies Argentine film tHombre Mirando Al Sudeste by Eliseo
Subiela as preexisting material.
LINM: NM: revisions.

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On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Kino International Corporation wrote:

> Man Facing South East was film Dallas. They are LONG OUT OF BUSINESS. It is
> very unlikely you can track down anyone who could grant you Public
> Performance Rights. This DOES NOT MEAN, that someone does no own them, just
> that you will never find them. Fun isn't it?
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