Fwd: Benton announces departure of Andrew Blau

Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 16:38:42 -0700

>With a mixture of emotions, the Benton Foundation announces today the
>departure of Andrew Blau from the Benton Foundation to become the program
>director of The John and Mary R. Markle Foundation on October 19. We will
>greatly miss Andrew as our friend and trusted colleague at Benton, but look
>forward to working with him in his new position at Markle, where we expect
>he will make a great impact on the issues and causes of public interest
>In his six years at Benton, Andrew has helped build a program in
>communications policy that has taken on the great issues of our time in
>shaping the emerging communications environment in the public interest:
>redefining universal service for the digital age; connecting schools and
>libraries to the Internet; and envisioning the future of public service
>television. Andrew's stellar accomplishments range from his leadership in
>the historic Public Interest Summit, organized by Benton in 1994, to his
>ever generous counsel for media activists and advocates across the country,
>and indeed around the world.
>It has been good news that Markle has recommitted itself to a focus on
>communications, following the retirement of Lloyd Morrisett and the
>appointment of Zoe Baird as president. But, it is particularly gratifying
>that, with its renewed commitment to communications, Markle has reached out
>to Andrew, and has thus endorsed the interests and values that have been
>expressed in his work with us at Benton.
>I want to assure you that Benton remains committed to continuing and
>building on Andrew's work in Communications Policy and Practice. Karen
>Menichelli, Benton's Deputy Director, and I will work with CPP staff to
>assure continuity in all our ongoing projects.
>I have treasured Andrew's intellectual leadership, professional integrity,
>and rare combination of insight and grace. We wish him well in his new
>Larry Kirkman
>Executive Director
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