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If it is at all possible to forget you ever saw this message, i'd
appreciate it....
i cannot figure out how i did this, but i've got way too many witnesses to
deny it!!


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>i was thinking of you last nite...but i needed to go to sleep early.
>i'm dying to hear from joni also, but it was too late to call her last nite.
>i just didn't think about you guys early enough!!
>actually, i just wanted to bury my head last nite. my mom called me to
>discuss and/or encourage me to have artificial insemination to have a
>i need this like a hole in the i'm not depressed enough at the
>thought of not having a family....
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>>On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Tom Furtwangler wrote:
>>> Could someone let me know the mechanics by which your rights are most
>>> commonly defined? IE: Are the performance rights defined/granted through a
>>> statement on your invoice/packing slip, through a separate contract or
>>> correspondance, or by another mechanism? Some exact phrasing (maybe sent
>>> off list) would be incredibly helpful.
>>In Canada, our educational institutions have been deemed public places,
>>and we therefore need to have public performance rights in our programs
>>used in a classroom.
>>Putting the rights directly on the package is the most helpful.
>>Being specific, such as "This program may be used in an educational
>>setting, in front of a group" avoids the legal definitions of
>>'public performance' which vary from country to country.
>>The producer/distributor may also wish to add: No admission may be
>>charged, or other rights statements that apply.
>>While it is useful to describe the rights in a catalogue - after all
>>the buyer needs to know - this is not enough.
>>Putting the rights info. on an invoice/packing slip is not satisfactory
>>for those of us who have large institutions, where the receiving of the
>>item and the processing is done by people who have no knowledge of such
>>matters and may not forward the info. to the cataloguer or media dept.
>>As Appalshop replied, including info. as to use in all 3 places:
>>catalogue, invoice, and container would be very helpful.
>>Susan Weber, Media Librarian e-mail:
>>Langara College
>>Advanced Education Media Acquisitions Centre (AEMAC)
>>100 West 49th Avenue Tel: 604-323-5533
>>Vancouver, B.C. Canada Fax: 604-323-5475