Re: Public Performance
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 10:52:22 EDT


On the video itself, Appalshop Film & Video places a sticker which says:

This tape is copyrighted by Appalshop, Inc., and is licensed for public
performance. It may not be duplicated, rented, loaned for a fee, leased or
subleased, televised, or transmitted in whole or in part without specific
written consent from Appalshop, Inc.

and in our educational sales catalog, we say:

Sales effectively means long-term lease for the life of the film print or
video cassette. Sales include public performance rights, but are subject to
conditions detailed in the purchase agreement.

and on our invoices, we say:

Film/tape may not be duplicated onto any format.
Film/tape may not be transmitted via cable or broadcast on television.
Film/tape may not be not be exhibited commercially.

We do have several older titles that we may available to the general public
with stickers which say:

This program is copyrighted by Appalshop, Inc. and is licensed for HOME USE
ONLY. It may not be shown before any public group, duplicated, rented for a
fee ............

Hope this is helpful.

Carolyn Sturgill, Appalshop Film & Video