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>I am looking for a film/video appropriate for undergraduates on how to
>give a presentation. Do any of you have any suggestions?
>Rhonda Pancoe
>Media Acquisition Coordinator


We purchased EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS in 1992. It's a kit containing 2
videos and a manual. The producer is L & K International Videotraining in
Toronto (416-252-5407, 800-668-6064) and we purchased the material from
International Telefilm in Toronto (800-561-4300).

It's a humorous approach to making a presentation. The subjects covered
include skill assessment, overcoming anxiety, planning, organizing and
preparation for the presentation as well as development and use of visual
aids. (Since this is not very recent material, powerpoint presentations,
smartboards, Elmos etc are not covered).
The actual delivery is discussed, as well as aspects of question and answer


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