Re: Questions from a self-distributor

Judie Porter (
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 07:09:47 -0700

Speaking from a public school system, the closed captioned is very
important. It's also important to have the catalog state closed
captioned. I go crazy trying to find information about closed captioning
with videos. Many catalogs fail to mention it, and sometimes they say it
is, and it isn't.
Hope this helps.
Judie Porter, Portsmouth Schools, RI

> I am an independent video producer planning to self-distribute a future
> documentary. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the following
> questions. As a video librarian, do the videos you purchase need to:
> (1) be encased in hard cases or paper sleeves?
> (2) have ISBN numbers?
> (3) be closed captioned for the hearing impaired?
> Thank you so much for your time. I want to make sure I do this right :)
> Kelly Briley