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Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 08:39:52 -0700

Hi gang:

I'm forwarding this description of the reference publication FOOTAGE on the
request of the editor of the work. I'm taking the liberty of posting to
videolib (rather than videonews), because it's a resource which I feel is
unique and very useful for anyone doing film research (how to answer those
mounting inquiries about stock footage...). If you're interested in stock
footage research in general, you might want to also check out the way cool
web site http://www.footage.net -- a database of stockfootage resources
from numerous vendors and archives.


Gary Handman

>An updated and expanded edition of Rick Prelinger's FOOTAGE 89/91 -
>contains detailed descriptions of 3,000 film and video collections
>worldwide (covers N.America, S.America, Africa, Asia, Australia &
>Oceania,and Europe)
>- information on what's in the collections and all of the necessary
>steps to research, screen and license any footage from these sources -
>ranging from regional historical societies to the Library of Congress
>and the national archives of most countries;
>from Tele-Zaire to the Artists Television Network;
>from the Johnson & Johnson corporate archives to the Johnson Space
>from The Edison Laboratory Collection to the Exotic Dancers of
>America Museum and Hall of Fame.
>- Close to 800 archives of all sizes and types are listed as well as
>libraries, museums, production companies, educational institutions,
>television companies, and government agencies.
> The 10,000 subject & personal name headings in the Subject Index lead
>to footage of all kinds.
> The related services section lists restoration and preservation
>consultants, visual researchers, digital products and services and much
> The almanac section contains 12 articles on topics including a
>history of stock footage, producer Henry Hampton discussing the making
>of "Eyes on the Prize" and a primer on copyright considerations when
>licensing footage.
> We've been very favorably reviewed in Booklist, Library Journal,
>Choice, Communication Booknotes, BookWorld, The Independent,
>International Documentary, Screen, Millimeter and 20 other publications.
>For more information visit our website at www.footagesources.com or call
>888-366-8243 or 212-787-2583 or email info@footagesources.com
>Thanks in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing
>from you.
>Liz Scheines

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