Electronic reserves & audio & video clips

Karen C. Driessen (karend@selway.umt.edu)
Thu, 03 Sep 1998 12:42:37 -0600

Please forgive the cross posting but I am anxious to get as much feedback
as possible. Once again I am calling upon the rich cross section of
experience for some advice. As part of the library on our campus, we are
involved in a pilot project for implementing electronic reserves. I would
really appreciate hearing from any of you who have already had experience
in this arena. My questions are related to what you are using as copyright
guidelines for putting audio and video clips on electronic reserve. Each
course will have a password access so there will be no question of these
materials being available to anyone not enrolled. If you have developed
any campus guidelines for the use of media in this manner, or know of any
guidelines that have been published in paper or on the WEB relating to
electronic reserves in general but better yet relating specifically to
media, I would love to hear from you.

If you could respond to me directly, I would be happy to summarize for any
of the lists who are interested. Thanks for you assistance. KD

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