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Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc. (cdf@shore.net)
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 08:57:01 -0400

Our organization distributes two videos on career counseling and advising,
co-produced with Radcliffe Career Services. The first one, "Life's Work" is
for counselors to see how other counselors practice in the field. Four
prominent career counselors conduct a session with the same client. It
offers a unique opportunity for career advisors to examine and compare
diverse counseling methods and objectives. (2hrs35min) $299.00 plus
shipping, accompanied by study guide. The other video "Not Just A Job"
shows a diverse group of eight women exploring their individual values,
skills and interests under the guidance of two counselors from Radcliffe
Career Services. (35min) $150 plus shipping, accompanied by the written
materials and exercises used in the video. Contact: Cambridge Documentary
Films, Inc. 6174843993 phone, 617 484 0754 fax. Thanks

>Our teaching resource center is looking for videos that might help faculty
>improve their student advising skills. Any ideas/suggestions???
>Kathy Breeden
>U. of Tenn. at Chattanooga