Re: violence videos
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:48:18 EDT


Your customer might want to buy one of our animated titles, KID STUFF, a
6-minute animated film that illustrates how violence at home tears at the
sensitivity of a child. Here's an excerpt from the review of KID STUFF

"The wordless format widens the film to fit any dysfunctional family
situation. The video would be an excellent opening for discussion on
dysfunctional families and the roles children can play in those homes. It
could also be used as a 'tell the story' exercise with a child as narrator
while the film is replayed. Its brevity allows time for repititions using
different narrators. The excellent animation, music and plot produce a
memorable viewing experience. This quality production should be purchased by
both school media specialists and public librarians (as well as) librarians to
counselors and medical specialists for use in their work with children from
dysfunctional families."

To purchase this video, call the National Film Board of Canada Library at
800-542-2164 or simply have the customer fax a PO to our Library at

John Sirabella
National Film Board of Canada