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Roy R. Morgan (
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The International Standards Association (ISO) is the agency establishing
international standards of the type you ask about. Check out:
This second site has links to the Dublin Core Metadata site and the Digital
Object Identifier (DOI) site, among others. DOI is receiving a lot of
attention lately. It was originally designed by the Association of American
Publishers in collaboration with the Corporation for National Research

Incidently, ISO is nearing the completion of a new International Standard
Audiovisual Number (ISAN) standard, which will be parallel with ISBN, ISSN,
and other standards for music and technical reports. ISAN will be a unique
identifier for all moving image creations (except for music videos!). See
their site:

Hope this helps.

Roy Morgan

>Is anyone familiar with efforts to create or otherwise designate a metadata
>description standard for audio and video formats (digital or analog)?
>How well do you think USMARC does at describing audio and video? (not counting
>simple lack of effort at fully describing the works).
>Any info would be appreciated. I am curious about who else is playing with
>this stuff...
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