Re: Video on film making?

Agee, Jane (
Tue, 25 Aug 98 14:17:28 est

Our film studies uses "Conventional Space" 1981 film by Dan Currey and M.V.
White. It presents the conventional rules for editing for dominate narrative
cinema or classic Hollywood cinema. We've not found anything that is better
than this film.
We purchased it directly from Dan Currey in the early '80. I no longer have
an address for him; however the film was funded inpart by the Dept. of
Communication Studies at Va. Polytechnic Institute and St. Univ. Perhaps some
of our fellow video sleuths know him or of his whereabouts.
Good Luck,
Jane Agee,
Film & Video Librarian
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Subject: Video on film making?
Date: 8/20/98 11:57 AM

Besides the Annenberg American Cinema installment on film language, does
anyone know of a good introduction (on video) to film grammar and
technique...something that demonstrates, say,
types of camera placement and movement, editing conventions, etc. I'm
looking more for something to show film history students than film
production students. Films for the Humanities has a BBC series (The
Language of Film), but it doesn't quite look like it fits the bill.

You assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Gary Handman
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