Looking for media vendors -Reply

Leslie Andersen (LeslieA@LHQSMTP.COLAPL.ORG)
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:15:03 -0700

Hi Beth - Following up on Gary's comment about PMSC -

If you haven't already heard, PMSC was recently bought by B&T. For
now, they are remaining an independent company but I don't expect that
to remain that way forever. As I see it, what that means for those of us
that use them is that PMSC will now have access to a warehouse which
they have never had. And, B&T will gain a much more extensive AV
catalog than they have ever had. I think in the end it will mean better
service and materials access than we have had before. But... it will
probably take some time.

IMHO, there isn't a single AV vendor out there that can give you all
formats, all the time, in a timely way. The only way to even approach
that is to purchase from several different vendors, i.e., one for sound
recordings, one for video, etc. In my experience you either get catalogs
of a wide variety of materials that you don't receive very quickly or you
get a few materials that you can get tomorrow. If anyone has had
different experiences, please share them on the list.

Leslie Andersen
Non-Print Materials Evaluator
County of Los Angeles Public Library

>>> Beth Fisher <bfisher@wade.iowa-city.lib.ia.us> 08/24/98 05:51pm

I need recommendations for media vendors. Currently we use B&T and
Ingram as our standard vendors for media, but I'm interested in setting
up a vendor arrangement with someone who can get (quickly) more
unique items.

Facets at one time was a great source - but in the last year or so they've
become less than acceptable - to the point where I wonder why I bother.
When we approached them about setting up a vendor arrangement
similar to the one with B&T they weren't interested...

So now I'm looking for suggestions. Ideally I'd like a vendor who can do
video, audio, and interactive multimedia, who will give us a discount
similar to our other vendors and who's reliable in both business
practices and service... (or am I asking way way too much?)

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