Re: History of the Internet; The Future of Archiving

Jim Scholtz (
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 16:50:53 -0500

Hi, you may be talking about a 3 volume series called "Revenge of the
Nerds" shown on PBS.
this series is dist. by Ambrose Video, 28 West 44th St., Ste, 2100, NY, NY
((800) 526-4663.
You may also be referring to a PBS Home Video "The Internet Show,"
available from Turner Home Entertainment (Baker & Taylor, Ingram will have
it also). Discusses what it is how it can help you and the future of

At 06:01 AM 8/24/98 -0700, you wrote:
>We are looking for two videos: the first gives a history of the Internet
>from its earliest days to the present. This video was apparently shown
>recently on PBS Television.
>The second video concerns the future prospects for archiving. This was
>also shown on PBS. Thanks for your help!
>Richard Cosmann
>Long Island University
>Brooklyn campus library